About WYCF Scholarships

Scholarship funds give donors a way to affect the future of Wyoming by helping students further their education.

Available Scholarships

You can now apply for WYCF Scholarships through our online application system.

We will no longer be accepting any paper applications or applications sent in prior to October 22, 2018. If you have any questions, please contact Kathleen at 307-721-8300 OR kathleen@wycf.org.

Scholarship NameSchool, Town or RegionDeadline DatesAward Notification Dates
Wyoming Daughters of the American RevolutionStatewideMarch 5thMay 1st
Troy Yost Memorial ScholarshipStatewideFebruary 15thMay 1st
Walter Urbigkit Memorial ScholarshipStatewide – Preference for students of Fremont and Hot Springs Counties.February 15thMay 1st
Mabel C. Sargent ScholarshipStatewideMarch 1stMay 1st
Harold F. Eppson MemorialStatewideMarch 1stMay 1st
Path-Away ScholarshipAlbany CountyFebruary 15thMay 1st
Burlington Alumni ScholarshipBurlington High SchoolMarch 15thMay 1st
Jason Haight Academic ScholarshipCampbell County High School & Thunder Basin High SchoolMarch 1stMay 1st
Cody Youth Council ScholarshipCody High School & Heart Mountain AcademyMarch 1stMay 1st
Georgene Hager ScholarshipConverse CountyFebruary 15thMay 1st
James Wilson Anderson ScholarshipEvanston High SchoolFebruary 15thMay 1st
Larry Wobig Memorial ScholarshipGlenrock High SchoolFebruary 15thMay 1st
Edelle Pirtle Job’s Daughters Bethel 48 ScholarshipGreen River, WYMarch 1stMay 1st
Ellis & Nellie Patch ScholarshipJohnson CountyFebruary 15thMay 1st
McKenna Memorial ScholarshipKaycee High SchoolFebruary 15thMay 1st
Art Piz ScholarshipKemmerer High SchoolFebruary 15thMay 1st
Amy Tippetts Wright Memorial ScholarshipLovell High SchoolFebruary 15thMay 1st
Melinda Jean Tillett Memorial ScholarshipLovell High SchoolMarch 1stMay 1st
Vera Asay Sargent ScholarshipLovell High SchoolMarch 1stMay 1st
Bunny Chard Memorial ScholarshipNiobrara County High SchoolMarch 1stMay 1st
Fred Albert Memorial ScholarshipNiobrara County High SchoolMarch 1stMay 1st
Hayden Huston Centennial ScholarshipPinedale High SchoolMarch 1stMay 1st
Platte County ScholarshipPlatte CountyFebruary 15thMay 1st
Allen L. Keeney Memorial ScholarshipRock Springs High SchoolFebruary 15thMay 1st
Robert & Cathy Spicer Family ScholarshipSweetwater CountyFebruary 15thMay 1st
Rod Kvidahl Memorial ScholarshipParent employed at Genesis Alkali, Sweetwater CountyMarch 1stMay 1st
Upton Area ScholarshipsUpton AreaMarch 1stTBD
Morris Memorial ScholarshipUpton High SchoolFebruary 15thMay 1st
Myron D. Kiesling ScholarshipWeston County High SchoolFebruary 15thMay 1st
Allen A. and Dorothy Belle Dickey ScholarshipWeston CountyFebruary 15thMay 1st