Small Town Solution: Grantmaking from the Dubois/Crowheart Local Board

In Wyoming, we take great pride in our small towns and want to see them do well. Many of the places you and I call home are small in numbers, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t big needs. In a town of just under 1,000 people, Dubois area nonprofits play an important role in this [...]

Making Music History

Wyoming-Singer Songwriter Competition Unrestricted Endowment Fund Think about what you would put in a time capsule for someone to open in the future. What would you want people to remember about this time? For Jon Gardzelewski, director of the Wyoming Singer-Songwriter Competition, he’s collecting something that will be remembered and understood for decades to come. [...]

Reading to Connect

Everyone Has a Story Project Unrestricted Endowment Fund Getting a package in the mail is still one of the sweetest surprises somebody can come home to. It’s truly something we can all look forward to, most especially a child missing their mom. Through the Everyone Has a Story Project, a special group of kids is [...]

Wyoming Community Foundation COVID-19 Response

Dear Friends, The Wyoming Community Foundation, along with our priority funds, is following the recommendation of Governor Mark Gordon, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO), and we will be closing our office spaces for a short time. WYCF has also ceased work related travel and cancelled most meetings and […]

Grain for Good and the Saylak Family Unrestricted Endowment Fund

It all started when Blake and Katrina McGee decided to build a brick oven in their backyard. Blake baked bread for friends and family and it was so popular that the McGee’s took their hobby to the farmer’s market. The loaves of hearty, crispy bread always sold out before the market was over. The McGee’s [...]

Race and Exclusion

{{ vc_btn: title=2019+Exclusionary+Discipline+Report%3A+Racial+Disparities+in+the+Equality+State+&align=center&el_class=wi-btn-large+btn-orange& }} A new report by the Wyoming Community Foundation shares research showing that in-school and out-of-school time suspensions negatively impact children’s educational success. The report also goes on to show that children of color are suspended at higher rates, and that their White counterparts are suspended at rates lower than would be [...]

21st Century Endowed Fund: A Quiet Gift

“Mom and Dad never talked about themselves,” says Jackie Dean of her parents Beverly and John Coles. “They did nice things because they wanted to, never for the recognition.” It should come as no surprise then that years ago Jackie’s parents, Beverly and John Coles, quietly created the 21st Century Fund with the Wyoming Community [...]

Teach a Child to Fish

Wyoming Wildlife Foundation Thigh-deep in the river, Ben stands learning to fish.  The sun on the water sparkles as he casts with confidence. Ben is only nine, but he knows what to do.  He’s had a special learning experience and is now on a new life-long journey. Your support of the Wyoming Wildlife Foundation helped [...]

Charting a Path to Success

At an afterschool program in Rawlins, nine-year-old Abel enters a small, horse-sized trailer parked outside. He pulls out wooden drawers filled with materials. He uses batteries, plastic pieces, string and more to explore and to ‘make’. Abel is experiencing the first of many mobile maker labs in Wyoming. He’s learning about science, technology, engineering and [...]

Making Libraries More

A few times a week, you can find a mother-daughter duo at the Natrona  County Library. You might not find them among the books, though. Instead, they’re sewing makeup bags to sell online. After a family member experienced a stay in an ICU, the two saw how care packages can lift someone’s spirits. Now they’re using money earned from their online sales [...]