About this scholarship 

This scholarship was established to support nursing students in the State of Wyoming. 

Who is eligible? 

Any high school graduate or GED recipient, or current enrollee in postsecondary institution, who is a resident of Wyoming. 

What is the amount of the scholarship? 

$3,000 for study towards an Associate’s degree 

$5,000 for study towards a Bachelor’s degree 

What is the length of the scholarship? 

1 year 

Scholarship recipients may then re-apply for an additional 3 years 

Essay questions and additional materials: 

Essay answers should be between 2,000 and 3,000 characters. Aim for a response that is no fewer than 500 words long.

Please describe any barriers (financial, educational, or otherwise) you may have in pursuing your career in Nursing.

Why are you pursuing a career in nursing? Is there a specialized field of nursing (pediatric, orthopedic, etc.) that you are interested in?

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