Allen A. & Dorothy Belle Dickey Scholarship

About this scholarship 

Allen A. Dickey was born in 1919 in Weston County on Kokesh Ranch north of Upton, Wyoming. He attended school until the 8th grade. 

Allen married Dorothy Belle McClain, a native of Rocky Point, Wyoming, on August 1, 1939. 

During World War II, Allen was stationed at the Casper Air Base. After the war he and Dorothy returned to Rocky Point, purchased the ranch from Dorothy’s parents and ranched until the spring of 1984 when they retired and moved to Upton. Even after retiring, Allen continued to work for Don Kokesh on the ranch where he was born. Dorothy and Allen shared 67 years of marriage and during that time they both enjoyed traveling throughout the United States, snowmobiling and motorcycling. 

Dorothy passed away November 17, 2006 and Allen passed away on March 3, 2011. They did not have any children but they had numerous nieces and nephews, great nieces and nephews and even a great-great-great nephew. Allen left the scholarship for graduates of Weston County to the Beta Sigma Phi Sorority, an organization dedicated to “Life, Learning and Friendship.” The Sorority continues to be responsible for reviewing student applications and recommending awards. 

Who is eligible? 

Any graduate of any Weston County high school, or recipient of a GED from within Weston County. 

What is the amount of the scholarship? 


What is the length of the scholarship? 

Multiple years 

Scholarship recipients may re-apply for additional years. Scholarship recipients are responsible for knowing which opportunities allow for re-application; they will not be notified about this specifically. 

Essay questions and additional materials: 

Essay answers should be between 2,000 and 3,000 characters. Aim for a response that is no fewer than 400 words long. 

  • Who or what influenced you to further your education in your chosen field of study? 
  • How do you plan to utilize your education to succeed in life? 

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