Do I need to submit my transcripts?

Yes! You can request them from your counselor and send them electronically to Transcripts WILL NOT be accepted via text message.

I missed the deadline! Can I submit late?

Most times, no. We will consider requests for extensions on a case-by-case basis. Please contact Kathleen Chick:

When will I receive notification?

In general, you should receive notification by the end of April. Applications with a deadline date later than February 15 will receive notification by the end of May.

How will I receive the money?

The scholarship is made payable directly to the educational institution, to be applied toward the student’s tuition and fees.

Will you contact my parents with award information?

We always contact the student before contacting parents, and we expect the student to follow through with any additional information needed.

I didn’t receive an award or decline letter?

Please first make sure the contact information you give is current and that you are able to receive mail at that address. If you continue to encounter problems, please contact Daniel Galbreath (

What is proof of enrollment?

Proof of enrollment shows the courses you are enrolled in for the fall semester. This can be submitted by August 30, or when your school allows you to enroll. We accept unofficial transcripts as proof of enrollment, but your name and student ID must be clearly visible. Please do not sent your acceptance letter or bill.

Can my WYCF scholarship be combined with other scholarships I received?

Yes, provided the combined amount of the scholarships does not exceed the full amount of tuition, books, fees, supplies and equipment required for courses at the educational institution.

Please note: At times, scholarships you receive elsewhere may not allow you to accept multiple awards.