About this scholarship 

This scholarship is for those who plan to study a field related to aviation. These fields are listed below. If you feel that your intended area of study is related to aviation but is not listed below, please email Daniel Galbreath (  

Aeronautical Science
Aeronautical Technology
Aerospace Administration
Aerospace Electronics
Aerospace Maintenance Management
Aerospace Technology
Air Traffic Controller
Air Traffic Management
Aircraft fueler
Aircraft loadmaster
Aircraft Maintenance Engineering
Aircraft Maintenance Management
Airline Management
Airplane Inspector
Airport Management
Aviation Administration
Aviation Computer Science
Aviation Electronic Systems
Aviation Electronics Technician
Aviation Flight Technology
Aviation Maintenance Technician
Aviation Management
Aviation Management
Aviation Marketing
Aviation Science
Avionics Engineering
Avionics Management
Avionics Management
Fire fighter
Flight attendant
Flight Dispatch and Scheduling
Flight dispatcher
Flight Operations
Flight Operations Management
International Air
Powerplant & Airframe Technology
Professional Flight Management
Professional Pilot
Safety Science
Sky Marshal or Air Marshal
Transportation Management
Wildlife Biology

Who is eligible? 

Any graduating senior of any Wyoming high school or past graduate of a Wyoming high school. Graduates/graduands of Fremont and Hot Springs Counties have preference. 

What is the amount of the scholarship? 


What is the length of the scholarship? 

1 year 

Essay questions and additional materials: 

You will be asked to provide contact details for two references. 

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