About this scholarship 

Georgene Hager LeBar believed in helping people to help themselves through education.  Georgene was born in 1940 on the Hager Family Ranch in eastern Wyoming near Torrington.  She graduated from Torrington High School and received a bachelor’s degree in Education from Chadron State College before coming to the University of Wyoming to obtain her masters.  However, she could not complete this degree due to limited funds, and this is something she always regretted.  The Hager family started the Little Moon Lake Supper Club, which was a hot spot for recreation during the 1950s.  This is where she met her husband, George N. LeBar.  George offered Georgene a job on his ranch near Douglas, and they married in 1974.  The couple ranched together for many years, raising cattle and sheep.  Georgene Hager is said to have been one tough lady. 

Who is eligible? 

Any graduate of a high school in, or recipient of a GED awarded within, Converse County 

What is the amount of the scholarship? 


What is the length of the scholarship? 

4 years 

Scholarship recipients must complete a renewal form every year 

Recipients may re-apply for graduate school 

Essay questions and additional materials: 

Essay answers should be between 2,000 and 3,000 characters. Aim for a response that is no fewer than 500 words long. 

Reflect on your personal point of view on your most significant challenge or accomplishment and its value to your life. 

Do you believe that there is a generation gap? Describe the difference between your generation and others. 

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