From our Spring 2018 Newsletter. See the full newsletter (PDF) here.

“You notice very quickly,” said Dawn Garrison, Director of the Heart Mountain Free Clinic in Cody. “When a patient walks in the door, it’s not always about medical needs. Their life may be in chaos.” 

On a Thursday night, the small, Heart Mountain Medical Clinic in Cody, welcomed six patients.  

The one medical professional volunteering that evening checked out illnesses and prescribed medicine. More importantly, they cared and listened to each patient who came in. You can imagine how important that felt – to be cared for with dignity. 

“Our doors are open to patients who don’t have health insurance,” said Ruth Edge, a volunteer who helped start the clinic in 2008. In fact, those who visit the clinic live at 200 percent or below the poverty line.  


The impact this clinic has had on people is life changing. Sometimes lifesaving.  

Last year, because of generous people just like you, WYCF was able to distribute a grant to let the clinic open its doors more often!  

The grant was made from the Helena De Fina Community Wellness Fund. The fund was created in memory of an incredible woman who, like you, loved giving back to her community.  

Helena’s Fund, and those who gave to it, changed lives. Money granted will create an additional evening of service, each quarter, for patients to be seen.  

This will make a difference; especially over time.  

The 300 visitors the clinic sees annually will now be 324. That’s 24 more moms or dads, sisters or brothers, more children, finding care. It’s all possible because of your generosity!