WYCF Grantee: Camp Invention


“We get to make prototypes!” exclaims seven year old Avery. When asked what a prototype is, the budding scientist doesn’t miss a beat, “It’s the thing you make before the ACTUAL thing.”

Each summer, kids like Avery get to experience five incredible days of STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) exploration at Camp Invention, a camp held in Wheatland and other towns around the state. WYCF is a proud funder of Camp Invention, which is filled with kids excited about learning, and being challenged to think. And the smiles on each of the children’s faces is testament to the fact that they are all having an incredibly fun time.

For WYCF and our supporters, research based educational opportunities such as Camp Invention are an investment in Wyoming’s future. Since 2009 WYCF has granted $60,000 to Camp Invention, allowing hundreds of children participate who may not have otherwise been able to attend. Wyoming’s future is already looking brighter.


Learning Beyond STEM:
While the focus of camp may be STEM, Cindy Amundson, Director or the Platte County program says camp-goers often walk away having learned much more.

“I always thought my ideas were the best. At camp ­­I learned that wasn’t always true and that sometimes my ideas failed.” – Rett C., Past attendee and 2015 Junior Counselor

“I learned how to work with everyone, not just my friends. And teamwork meant that we could get bigger and better results.” – Gage B., Past attendee and 2015 Junior Counselor


Camp Invention is a part of the nonprofit, Invent Now which operates the National Inventors Hall of Fame.

Number of days spent at camp: 5

Number one request of camp attendees: “Wish it was longer!”

Number one request of WYCF: “Wish it had been around when we were growing up!”