An Unfinished Story: Actors’ Mission

A Gem in the Community

The Actor’s Mission in Rock Springs is the kind of “pull yourself up-by-your-bootstraps” organization that you can’t help but love. They are a group of volunteers passionate about acting. And about community.

They’re known for their outstanding productions and the fact they provide supper with each and every performance, all for free.

They built their small, temporary “black box” theatre by hand – including the stage, lights and tiered seating. It’s a one-of-a-kind experience brought to the community because of dedicated volunteers.

The Actor’s Mission provides what so many of our small Wyoming towns need and treasure: access to the arts.

Now though, the Actor’s Mission finds itself in a very fortunate, yet incredibly challenging position. With help from the Wyoming Community Foundation, and generous folks like you, they will emerge successful!

“Without the Actor’s Mission, Rock Springs would likely not have performing arts,” says Dave. “and they bring such a variety of performances to the community. Anything is fair game.”

Dave says he loves that the group “gives people the opportunity to not just work on the set or act, but to write, direct – to learn.”

For Dave and Linda, giving to the Actor’s Mission is about more than making sure people can see performances.

“Bankers, teachers, oil field workers – the Actor’s Mission gives people from all walks of life an opportunity to pursue acting, something they might not have known they had a passion for.”

The Wyoming Community Foundation helps Dave and Linda give.

And it’s people like you and Dave and Linda who help ensure stories like these have a happy ending. We at the Wyoming Foundation are proud to be a part of supporting your efforts to give to Wyoming’s nonprofit community. Thank you!

A Wonderful Predicament

“One of our members donated a wonderful, downtown space to us,” says Brad Russell, an actor, producer and volunteer who has been with the group since the get-go. “We are so grateful and know that eventually, the space is going to be incredible. It is quite an undertaking though.”

As you might imagine, not only will the building take a lot of sweat equity, it will take a good deal of money to get in working order. A new roof, fire sprinkler system, updates to the interior. All are needed.

An Everyday Hero

Here is where Dave and Linda Kathka, who hold a fund at the Wyoming Community Foundation, and other community heroes like you, are working to create a happy ending to this story.

Like you, Dave and Linda support the causes they care most about. One of Dave’s loves is the arts. He was an actor with the Actor’s Mission who Brad says was, “Incorrigible on stage. Hysterical.”

Dave and Linda used money from their WYCF fund to support this outstanding organization. Just as they do so many others.

Donor Advised Fund FAQ

How can I use a Donor Advised Fund? 

That’s up to you! As long as it’s charitable a fund at WYCF can support just about anything.

What if I’m unsure about what organization to support?

No problem. We’re connected with nonprofits across the state. We’ll learn where your interests lie and introduce you to causes that may be of interest to you.

Are Donor Advised Funds for individuals only?

Nope. Individuals, families, and even businesses can create funds to support their favorite causes.

How much do I need to start a Donor Advised Fund?

You can start with a gift of $10,000. You’ll then decide if you’d like your gift to be endowed, or non-endowed. We can help you determine which gift is right for you.