Teach a Child to Fish

Wyoming Wildlife Foundation

Thigh-deep in the river, Ben stands learning to fish.  The sun on the water sparkles as he casts with confidence. Ben is only nine, but he knows what to do.  He’s had a special learning experience and is now on a new life-long journey.

Your support of the Wyoming Wildlife Foundation helped make that happen.

Because of you, the Wyoming Wildlife Foundation made a grant to Joey’s Fly Fishing Foundation. Joey’s introduces children to fly fishing while fostering a passion and appreciation for the outdoors. They also develop a supportive relationship between children and mentors.

The relationship can lead to a lasting bond and positive learning. Over the years, as the kids learn, they are then tasked with becoming mentors themselves.

For Ben, the program has been life-changing. His creativity was sparked as he made a fly rod – choosing the colors to use in his design. He feels a sense of pride each time he catches a fish with his own rod. He’s gained a mentor too.

You see, Ben has connected with someone he can look up to.

Casting Farther

Joey’s Fly Fishing Foundation has been a part of the Sheridan community for years. Seeing the impact of the program, Joey’s decided it was time to expand to Johnson County, but they needed help.

A grant from the Wyoming Wildlife Foundation let them move from plan to reality.  Joey’s could now offer more youth the opportunity to attend Joey’s Summer Camps.

The camps have a lasting impact. And now, because of your support, they are changing more lives.

“Just three weeks ago I got a phone call from California. A young man let me know he had just graduated from boot camp,” says Joey Puettman, Director and Founder of Joey’s Fly Fishing. “The first thing out of his mouth was, ‘I’ll be home Monday. Do you need any help?’ It brought tears to my eyes.”

The young soldier was back in Sheridan that weekend. He and Joey went out fishing.

The Wyoming Wildlife Foundation is proud to be able to fund programs like Joey’s.  It’s because of gifts from people like you that we can.

Stats & Facts

50:  Number of new students who will learn the art of rod-making and fly fishing9-

18: Age of students who will learn about fly tying, knots, trout habitat and, of course, fishing.

WWF Grants made in 2018

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Number of grants made: 74

“Fishing is an educational process that lasts a lifetime.  Its diploma consists of the fish you catch and the memories you make, but not necessarily in that order.”  –  Criswell Freeman, Author – The Book of Cowboy Wisdom