Your Generosity Saves Lives

The call came in at 2pm. A local guide was hunting Greyback Ridge deep in the Wyoming Range. He had just shot an elk. While he was cleaning it, his knife slipped and he nicked his femoral artery.

Bob Roberts, Commander of Star Valley Search and Rescue, pulled his volunteer crew together. The rescue began immediately. In a place like northwestern Wyoming though, nothing is close and rarely is it easy.

This was no exception. “It was the most strenuous rescue I have experienced,” Bob says.

A Touch Rescue Made Tougher

The day started out warm – hot almost.

The crew and other volunteers reached the injured guide a few hours into the search. They stitched him up and strapped him onto the Stokes basket. The sled-like contraption would carry him out.

That was the easy part.

Because of the rescue location, the fastest route to a medical facility was hiking over the ridge. The terrain was rough and the climb steep. The basket had to be tied to a pack horse. Another person steadied it with a rope from behind.

“It was the most strenuous rescue I have experienced.”
In 2016:
30 Emergency calls out
50 Volunteers
SVSR helicopter rescue

The team climbed 3,000 grueling vertical feet. They reached the top at midnight, then the warm weather turned frigid. Rescue workers were pelted with blowing snow.

“It was coming at us sideways,” Bob says, “and eight more inches of cold wet snow was in the forecast.”

The team plowed on.

They hiked through the night – down 3,000 slick feet. In the cold, wet snow hypothermia began to set in on the injured man. The team was determined to get him out and to safety.

Just as the sun began to rise, the team reached the trailhead where an ambulance awaited. The rescue was a complete success!

Difficult but Worth It

It’s hard to imagine braving such elements.

Bob and his team believe it’s worth it knowing they may save a life. In fact, Bob says, “There is a lot of satisfaction in the job. It’s a great way to give back.”

Star Valley Search and Rescue is able to do the work they do because of people like you.

Your generosity allowed the Wyoming Community Foundation to grant funds to Star Valley Search and Rescue. The group used grant funds to purchase new supplies critical to keeping victims and their rescuers safe.