Those re-entering the Gillette community find support at transitional home

“I was miserably broken. I was a meth addict and had no hope.”

For 13 years drugs and alcohol ruled Mike Golay’s life. He burned bridges with family and friends and turned to drugs as an escape.

Looking back, it’s easy for Mike to see the dark place he was in. But at the time he says, “I never looked at my actions. It never occurred to me the damage I had done.” It took getting arrested in 2015 for Mike to be in a better place. He did it with the help of Second Chance Ministries.

While Mike was in jail, Second Chance Ministries met with him each week for nearly a year. They counseled him. “They helped me grow.”

Mike became dedicated to changing his life. After serving his time and receiving six months of treatment, he was accepted into Second Chance Ministries Transitional Home. The change was on!

Finding Hope in a Stable Environment

“I would have been lost without this house,” says Mike. “Second Chance gave me a safe, stable environment.”

Jeannie Miller, director of the organization says the addition of transitional housing to their work has been game changing. “The residents are more successful now,” she says. “They’re getting back on their feet in part because of this safe, sober living environment. That has been the biggest celebration.”

The Wyoming Community Foundation, with your support, made a grant to support the housing. The 11 people living in the house are all dedicated to doing better.

Spreading His Wings

Mike is no longer at the house.

With guidance, support and a lot of hard work he has changed his life.

“I was able to spread my wings and finally got my own place last month,” says Mike. He adds that he was motivated to leave. “I realize how important the opportunity to live in this house could be for someone else.”

As for those burned bridges mentioned earlier? They were only damaged. Damages can be repaired. After 13 years of not speaking to his family, Mike spent the holidays with them this year. Your support made that possible.