Rooted in Goodness

Shovels in hand. Dirt under fingernails. Neurons firing.

Bonnie Gregory watched the kids turning over the soil that would soon be home to sweet carrots, red potatoes and crisp lettuce. The children working were engaged and excited. They were learning so much. Bonnie knew this experience was valuable to the kids and the community.

But Bonnie also worried. She believed that without help, Rooted in Wyoming, which builds gardens and funds programs in schools for students to learn the art and science of growing their own food, may not last.

She wondered who might be able to give them the help they needed.

WYCF has the capacity to adopt a limited number of special programs each year. Today we are proudly working with:
Rooted in Wyoming
Natrona County Restorative Justice
Laramie Public Art
Wyoming Breast Cancer Initiative
Laramie Police Department
Hot Tamale Louie Bronze
Weston County Fire District

Because people like you support the work of the Wyoming Community Foundation, YOU gave Rooted in Wyoming the help they needed. Support from people like you means WYCF has the capacity to bring Rooted in Wyoming under our wing as a special program for the next three years.

As a part of the Wyoming Community Foundation, Rooted in Wyoming can focus on bringing community gardens to more children in the Sheridan area and hopes to expand to other schools around the state.

Your support of WYCF means we are able provide administrative support to Rooted in Wyoming’s staff of volunteers. Removing a big hurdle for an organization on their way to becoming a nonprofit.