Section 1: Grantee Information

  • Organization: the name of your organization or if not a 501(c)3, the name of the fiscal sponsor your group used to submit your proposal.
  • Project title: Name of the project as indicated on your application.
  • Grant number: Found on the first page of your award letter, this is an 8 digit number assigned to you by the WYCF.
  • Grant amount: Amount of the grant issued to your agency.
  • Grant period: Beginning of the grant period is the date on your organization’s award letter. End of the grant period can be calculated by simply adding 12 months to the award letter date.
  • Report due: This date corresponds to the end of the grant period. If you received an extension please indicate the extended due date.
  • Report completed by: Name of individual completing report.
  • Telephone or email: Contact information for individual completing report.
  • The following phrase: The information contained in this report, including all attachments, is accurate and complete. Include this statement with the appropriate signature.

Section 2: Narrative

Please provide detailed answers to the following questions.

  • Did this grant enable your organization to leverage any additional funds?
  • What were two major challenges the project or organization faced in implementing its work during the grant period and how were these challenges addressed?
  • Did the organization require any technical assistance or mid-course corrections with the proposed program? If so, how was the change effected?
  • Will this project continue beyond the grant period? If so, how?
  • What measurable impact did this project have on the community? Respond relating to the goals and outcomes outlined in your original application.
  • Address any items listed as a special condition of your grant.

Section 3: Financial Report

Include the attachments listed below.

  • Income statement for the period ending with the program’s completion/grant funds being expended
  • Summary statement listing all expenditures paid with grant proceeds
  • Copies of all invoices paid with grant proceeds

Please include a reimbursement check with the final report for the balance of any unexpended funds from the grant. Checks should be made out to the Wyoming Community Foundation.


Promoting your grant via media sources is great publicity for both you and WYCF. Distributing a news release to your local media outlets is a great way to do this. Access our News Release Template to help you.