Not Your Father’s Library

Do you remember what a visit to the library looked like 30 years ago? Card catalogs lined the floor. You’d open the long wooden drawers and search for your favorite title. The Dewey Decimal System fresh in your mind as you worked through the alphabet.

Books are still the soup de jour at libraries, but libraries also fill so many other community needs. Some unexpected.

At the Sublette County Public Library, you’ll find a unique offering: a bike and skateboard repair station. Because of your support, the Wyoming Community Foundation made a grant to fund it.

A Gem in the Community

The Sublette County Library is buzzing with activity. Adults and kids alike use the space. The library recently even created a Young Adult area that seems to always be busy.

Across the street is a skate park. As you might guess, kids swarm to it too. They brave all sorts of weather and play hard. They complete jumps and tricks, but they also crash. With crashes come broken parts.

“Kids would borrow tools from the library,” says Jacque Strike, a library staff person. So many, in fact, the library began checking them out. The kids also borrowed staff to help fix repairs.

“The kids sometimes recruited us for our muscle strength,” Jacque says.

While this was great for staff interaction with kids in the community, it wasn’t always something they were available to do. A fix was needed.

Because of your support, a repair stand lets kids and travelers alike (the Great Divide bike race runs by the library), make repairs. The station also allows a place for tools (anchored with cables) to be available to bicyclists and skaters anytime. Not just when the library is open.

Books, tools, bikes, seeds. Libraries offer so much to Wyoming’s communities. They’re meeting community needs Each one is better for it.