McMurry Continuing Staff Education Grant Reporting

Grantees should follow these instructions for completing the final report to close out their McMurry Library Endowment Fund Continuing Staff Education Grant.

All applicants are eligible to receive up to $1,500.00 a year. If your first grant did not exceed or equal this amount, you may reapply for additional funds. For subsequent applications to be considered, all previous grants must be closed out via submission of a final report form, which may mean submitting a final report earlier than the deadline date.

Section 1: Grantee Information

  • Organization: the name of the library at which you are currently employed.
  • Name: Your name as it appeared on your application.
  • Grant Amount: Amount of the grant you received.
  • Report Due: This date corresponds to notification date plus one year.
  • Report submitted on: The date you are submitting the report to the Foundation.
  • Telephone or email: contact information for individual completing report.

Section 2: Narrative

  • Provide a brief description of how the grant was used. For example, if you received funds to attend a conference include information about the conference and an evaluation based on your attendance and its impact. Or, if you received a grant to complete a particular course you should describe the course and include a certificate of completion or your grade for the course. Please clarify how this grant has impacted your position at your library and how it improved patron access.

Section 3: Financial Report

It is very important to keep accurate records of how the grant funds were expended after you receive the grant.

  • Summary statement listing all expenditures paid with grant proceeds. A summary statement is a typed list indicating at a glance how funds were paid out and should match receipts included in your report. It may sometimes include explanations of the included receipts if the amount on the receipt/invoice does not match your expenses e.g. if lodging expenses were split between two people.
  • Copies of all invoices paid with grant proceeds. Please do not send original receipts.
  • If the full amount of your grant was not used please include a reimbursement check with the final report. Checks should be made out to the Wyoming Community Foundation or the McMurry Library Endowment Fund.