Hunger Meets its Match

WYCF Grantee: Wyoming Food for Thought

Willard G. McNamara Memorial Fund, Henrietta Neighbor Fund, & the Schneider Fund

Kids volunteer to make sure those in Casper receive the fresh food they deserve!

There is a great organization that, because of your support, fed hundreds of hungry families in a dignified way. Here is their story:

Imagine you’re a single parent. You live in Casper and have three kids. You work full­time at a job that pays $15 per hour and sometimes you work nights. It’s not easy to make ends meet.

Your oldest son is a great young man. He’s 13 and is also growing like a weed. So quickly, in fact, that there have been times there wasn’t enough food in the fridge to feed him.

More than once you’ve skipped meals at the end of the month to make sure there’s something for your kids.
Your priority is keeping your kids fed. Most months you ‘re able to do it – to buy enough groceries to get you through. But even then, you worry. You know the food you can afford to buy is not making your kids healthier or stronger.

You want to provide more for your family, but you can’t.

This is the reality for many families  in Wyoming. But because of support from people like you, many families
just like this one, did not go hungry  last year.

Beyond a Menu of ‘At Least’

Jamie Purcell of Wyoming Food for Thought (WYFFT) said, “We believe access to good and healthy food is a human right. Providing a menu of ‘at least’ – as in, at least it’s something – is not good enough.”

With your help, the Wyoming Community Foundation granted to the Wyoming Food for Thought Project. The grant helped thousands in Casper get access to what they deserve: far more than ‘at least.’

Last year, Jamie, her staff and  countless committed community members like you made sure those in Casper, didn’t go hungry.  Any child who needed it went home on the weekends with a bag filled  with the most nutritious foods in them as possible. WYFFT built community gardens, accessible to all.

A free food cabinet, sitting by the bus stop, was always filled for anyone in need. The organization provided grow kits and a seed library for starting a garden. Wyoming Food for Thought focused on getting those who needed it, quality food.

“There are over 400 homeless children in Natrona County. There are 10,300 people who are food insecure,” said Jamie. Many of these folks have barriers to access.

Wyoming Food for Thought is still on a mission to make food more accessible. They gave ALL people the opportunity to access healthy foods in 2017. Food they could feel good about. They’ll do it again this year.

Your support of the Wyoming Community Foundation helped make this happen!


  • Over 4000 Homeless Children
  • 3,000 Food Insecure Children
  • 10,300 Adults and children who are food Insecure
Wyoming Food for Thought makes sure free food is available for anyone who needs it. No questions asked!