WYCF Evanston:

  • Supports charitable organizations in the Evanston area.
  • Grants to nonprofits working to build a better community.
  • Has been a part of building community since 1996.

WYCF Evanston Local Board

Linda Biffert, Co-Chair

Seyed Yadegari, Co Chair

Penny Williams, Vice-Chair

Julie Abbott

Brian Davis

Stefanie Davis

Terri Denhof

Alice Griffin

Robert Griffin

Cheryl Johnsen

David Johnsen

Mick Kindler

Jon Kirby

Tib Ottley

Ken Pearson

Carol Ransdell

Mark Ransdell

Maryl Thompson

Dan Wheeler


Sarah Chapman

What better time than now?

You can make a difference in the Evanston community today.