Charting a Path to Success

At an afterschool program in Rawlins, nine-year-old Abel enters a small, horse-sized trailer parked outside. He pulls out wooden drawers filled with materials. He uses batteries, plastic pieces, string and more to explore and to ‘make’.

Abel is experiencing the first of many mobile maker labs in Wyoming. He’s learning about science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). All possible because of your support of the Wyoming Afterschool Alliance.

At an afterschool site in Thermopolis, 15-year-old Nina is introduced to thousands of different careers. How? She’s job shadowing. And she’s doing it online, with access to hundreds of day-in-the-life videos.

Nina takes a quiz to assess her strengths. She watches videos that explore jobs of all sorts. Nina soon learns that engineering and teaching are both great career options. So, too, are airplane repair and set design.

In another corner of the state, Michael and Lizzy learn about entrepreneurial opportunities and financial literacy skills. Their afterschool program will work with business partners who will share what goes into running a successful business.

Innovations in Learning is showing youth all around the state they can do anything!

It gives afterschool programs the tools to prepare young people for our workforce. The programs also aim to introduce kids to jobs of all shapes and sizes.

Because of your support of the Wyoming Afterschool Alliance, youth in afterschool programs are getting a chance to dream big, right here in Wyoming, about their future!

Stats & Facts

2007: Year the Wyoming Afterschool Alliance became a priority fund of the Wyoming Community Foundation

24: Number of Wyoming pilot programs supported by WYAA to support college and career readiness

Over 14,000: Number of children in afterschool programs in Wyoming

For students in elementary through high school, more than 80% of their time is spent learning outside of school – at afterschool and summer programs, in libraries, museums, science centers, or at home or in the community.  Just 20% of their 16 waking hours are spent in school

72% of parents say afterschool helps young people gain workforce skills

70% of parents agree that afterschool programs can help kids gain STEM-related interests and skills