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Press Releases

Friday, March 26, 2010

The Encampment Preschool, a nonprofit educational facility located in Encampment, WY, has reported that it used $5,000 in funding from the Wyoming Community Foundation (WYCF) to supplement tuition and provide scholarships to 13 low-income families who all qualified for income guidelines provided by the state insurance program known as Kid Care/CHIP. The funds came from the WYCF’s Flying V Donor Advised Fund.  


The Encampment Preschool is a nonprofit educational facility that was started in 1980 and provides services to young children from Encampment and Riverside. They work on developing skills needed for future academic success, including math, science and literacy and also provide special educational services to children with developmental delays. The preschool has a partnership with the Developmental Preschool and Daycare Center (DPDC) of Laramie which helps provide speech and language therapists and assumes parts of the operating costs. The Encampment Preschool also works with the Carbon County Counseling Center to provide a counselor who visits twice a month to help foster mental heath and individual education plans for each student.

According to Linda L. Platts, Executive Director for Encampment Preschool:


“As a result of this very generous contribution we were able to offer thirteen children scholarship assistance. [The WYCF’s] generosity has helped our community assure that limited income does not also mean limited educational opportunities.”    


The WYCF awarded the grant as part of its competitive grant cycle and the funds came from the Flying V Donor Advised Fund, which was established by an anonymous donor in 2001. The Flying V Fund has made 66 grants since its inception, and made 19 grants totaling $178,874.00 in 2009, of which Encampment Preschool was a recipient.

The Wyoming Community Foundation is a statewide nonprofit organization with total assets in excess of $57 million. In 2009, the Community Foundation awarded more than $3 million in grants to nonprofit organizations across Wyoming. The mission of the Wyoming Community Foundation is to connect people who care with causes that matter to build a better Wyoming.  

For more information about Encampment Preschool, contact Executive Director Robin Boydstun by calling 307-372-5442. 

For more information about the Wyoming Community Foundation call 307-721-8300 or go to:

Written by Rose J. Muller, WYCF Communications Officer and Office Manager.