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Joe McGowan Memorial Fund

In November of 2014, Kevin and Anne McGowan received the worst possible news. Their 21-year-old son, Joe, lost his life while attempting to break up a fight. You can imagine, the event shook the McGowan family to the core.  As Kevin and Anne grieved, they also made a decision. Something positive needed to be done to [...]

Hunger Meets its Match

WYCF Grantee: Wyoming Food for Thought Willard G. McNamara Memorial Fund, Henrietta Neighbor Fund, & the Schneider Fund Kids volunteer to make sure those in Casper receive the fresh food they deserve! There is a great organization that, because of your support, fed hundreds of hungry families in a dignified way. Here is their story: [...]

Going Beyond The Three R’s

The bell rings. It’s the end of the school day for kids in Sheridan. Most will gather their jackets and book bags, wave their goodbyes and make their way home. Others though – hundreds in fact – will continue their day in an afterschool program. These kids will get their hands dirty painting their next [...]